About Walk In Tubs Canada

The story of our company begins back when I began a search for a bathtub that would make it possible for a client of mine to enjoy a safe and comfortable bath. My client was an elderly woman with mobility issues and had a very hard time getting in and out of her regular bathtub to enjoy the soothing effects of a warm bath. After some research on the internet, a few emails and some phone calls, I had found a product that I could easily recommend to her with no hesitation. After receiving and installing her new walk in tub, the quality and workmanship of this product awoke the entrepreneur in me. We all know how important it is for a person to have the freedom to be able to bathe independently in a safe environment and I thought to myself that with an aging population and a lack of options for people with mobility problems this would make it a great way to better serve people.

But it doesn't stop there! We're continuously expanding our knowledge about products for mobility challenged people and are always on the lookout for other affordable quality products. We have since added institutional tubs as well as mobility showers, bathtub door insert kits, and our latest innovation, The Everlast. The Everlast offers the lowest step of all framed walk in tubs in the world. Exclusive to our company, we are confident you'll appreciate this model as you literally simply walk into it as opposed to stepping up into it. So basically, it could be considered the safest walk in tub on the market. Feel free to browse through our website and call us anytime for any questions you may have as it would be our great pleasure to help you. Let us be the ones to help you regain some of your independence.

Why Buy Our Products?

When our manufacturers' tubs were first developed in 2002 the goal was to provide an affordable answer to the extremely overpriced and one dimensional walk in tubs that were being brought here from Europe, specifically England. Our goal has always been to deliver a better tub at a better price, thereby giving every person who has the need the opportunity to have their own walk in tub.

The industry has changed since those beginning days, where now if you look on the Internet you will see so many companies advertising the "best price", "best quality", "best feature" and "best deal" to a point where it has been very confusing for consumers to be able to take advantage of this wonderful product. Our goal has not changed since day one. We will still provide you with the finest, safest and most comfortable walk in tub.


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